Headwaters Photography Trip

Exciting news for photographers who hike! Headwaters Outdoor Adventures will soon be offering a series of hiking and photography trips in Panthertown Valley with Todd Ransom, a noted photographer and guidebook author.

Panthertown Valley, in Nantahala National Forest near Preserve At Rock Creek

Panthertown Valley, in Nantahala National Forest near Preserve At Rock Creek

Panthertown Valley has been designated by the Forest Service as “Management Area 5,” which means it is being allowed to return to its natural state.  A network of trails crosses the valley, but no further development will occur.  These trails range from old roadbeds to steep, narrow, twisting mountan trails.  For this reason, Headwaters Outdoor Adventures requires participants to be able to hike for 2-3 hours at a time. 

Particpants will not only go on a beautiful hike through the Nantahala National Forest, but will also learn the basics of exposure on digital cameras, including evaluating lighting conditions, how to use a histogram, and adjusting exposure levels for optimal mountain shots.  The trip begins at the Cold Mountain Gap trailhead, and the photography instruction begins after a short hike to Schoolhouse Falls.  Once the basics have been covered, the hike will continue to different picturesque locations in Cold Mountain Valley to practice additional photography techniques. 

You Will Need to Bring:

  • Digital SLR and Tripod
  • Lunch and Water
  • Sturdy Shoes or Hiking Boots
  • Fleece or Rain Jacket, depending on the weather conditions

These trips will be offered for a limited time, so contact Headwaters Outfitters to reserve your spot.  Upcoming dates are September 20; October 1, 11, 15, 25, and 29; November 1, 8, and 22.

This is a great opportunity to develop photography skills in a beautiful part of Western North Carolina.  When you’re finished, come by Preserve at Rock Creek – we’ll give you a tour of our mountain and let you practice your new photography skills on our spectacular views and waterfalls.