Preserving our Mountain for Future Generations

Wild spaces are an important part of the magic of the mountains. Over two-thirds of Preserve at Rock Creek is protected by conservation easement, protecting it from future real estate development and ensuring it remains the pristine, private mountain paradise we enjoy today.  

This easement, granted in perpetuity to the North American Land Trust (NALT), makes NALT responsible for providing financial support for maintenance and care for the natural condition of the land.  Preserve at Rock Creek’s easement was made for the protection and conservation of the natural environment.

Under this conservation easement, the watershed, view shed, wildlife habitats, rare plant and animal species, and all of the delicate environmental conditions on the property will be protected, forever, from manipulation or destruction.  While the easement allows for appropriate forest management and recreational use of Preserve at Rock Creek’s land by property owners, their families and guests, it does not permit public access.

At the same time, the easement will also protect each homesite from encroachment by future development, allowing each owner to rest assured that the privacy and security of their homes will never be compromised.

The easement is not a sale.  Our Home Owner's Association owns the real estate, and each property owner owns an undivided share of the entire Preserve at Rock Creek area.