Neighboring Indian Falls

Indian Falls is just to the east of Preserve at Rock Creek, with the two properties naturally divided by a steep cliff line. Indian Falls is independent from Preserve at Rock Creek, and consists of 68 acres, including some Hwy 64 frontage across from the Burlingame Country Club in Sapphire, North Carolina.

The landscape is gentle, with a long driveway traveling adjacent to the creek, which runs from the breathtaking waterfall and beautiful rock face at the back of the property. The water flow drops straight down 125 feet, and stems from two creeks higher on the mountain at Preserve at Rock Creek. 

Indian Falls is located in Transylvania County, home to the highest number of waterfalls of any county in the US, but none are this private and beautiful. 

We recently had the honor of a visit to the falls by James Valentine, the world renowned naturalist, photographer, and author of Southern Appalachian Celebration. Valentine said, "I've been photographing all over the world, and this is as spectacular a private mountain waterfall as I have seen. It possesses sacred and spiritual energy that if it were in Japan would be a National Treasure." 

Indian Falls has no equivalent. It took millions of years to create the formation of Indian Falls, and it has been kept in pristine, undeveloped condition. It is a hidden gem ready to be discovered.  For more information about the Indian Falls property, feel free to contact us.